Carved Alphabet

I have been working on an alphabet for a while now. I buy these sets ofcarving

erasers from a local pound shop. You get 12 for £1.00 so it’s great for making mistakes and practicing carving skills. I normally carve out a word that I need for a certain project, such as the title of my zine ‘Noodle’. Also the odd word out of large letters. But I wanted an alphabet that would suit many different pieces of work that I have. I chose a simple but slightly chunky serif font and currently I am half way through having completed 13 letters so far. I used the first four letters in the title of the menu for my friends dinner as shown in the previous post. Im thinking of creating my own font out of scanned in versions of the stamps. Will have to do some more research first, and carve out at least two other typefaces.

type sheet


2 responses to “Carved Alphabet

  1. they’re gorgeous! i’ve been promising myself that i’d do something similar over the summer, but i’m currently a little scalpel shy…

  2. Amazing!!! Incredible crafting!!! I was good at cutting shapes at school but that’s about it lol!!! Impressive, especially the Noodle one 😉

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