I am going away next week and really miss having all my different sketchbooks and papers at home, so I decided to make a sketchbook for my travels with all my favourite papers inside. Watercolour papers of various finishes and weights, bristol board, marker paper, normal everyday bits of white stuff and some odd velum types and a few odd things thrown in for good measure. All stitched together and then a hardback cover for sturdiness. I had this old necklace lying around made with green waxed thread so I used that for a fastening. Loads of fun really.



5 responses to “Sketchbook

  1. Looks great! Have a groovy time away sweety šŸ™‚

  2. Glad you are not going away empty handed. Some of our most inspiring moments come when we are away from our normal daily routines.
    Keep that sketchbook handy!

  3. Hi, I would love to have a go at making my own hardback book. Can you recommend any good books on the subject? Thanks

  4. Hi Sean, there are quite a few books on the subject if you do a search online, but to be honest, if you visit the following site there are endless links to online sites to show you how. Also YouTube has loads of video tutorials.

    If you cant find something to help let me know and Ill hunt down something specific for you, I have loads of links. I will take some time later and add as many as I can to the blog for you.

    Happy Book Making x

  5. Hi, Thanks for your super fast reply I will check out the link. Ta.

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