Recently the BBC have shown their latest nature program. Gone are the usual style programs with Sir David Attenborough is his blue shirt and beige chinos, and welcome the exciting ‘real’ expeditions of excitable entomologists and explorers from all over the world. These top class wildlife film makers venturing deep into the heart of the remote tropical islands of New Guinea to explore a giant extinct volcano -Mount Bosavi has had myself and my family glued to the television. In episode 2 of 3 they were watching the antics of the rare birds of paradise and I was completely amazed by these incredibly beautiful birds. I have seen them portrayed in other wildlife programs but this one made me feel like I was actually there. I didn’t realise how many doodles I had drawn when watching this, which prompted me to create these illustrations. Only 4 so far, but the rest will be done in time and I will create a set of mini-books out of them.


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