I have been folding books for a while now, making shapes from books and it’s been really enjoyable, but I took this really old poetry book with really thin pages, and removed the cover before trimming it into the apple shape, then rubbed the edge with a sandpaper block and dipped it in ink (mixture of brown and yellow). I rubbed some pages in the ink diluted with water, and it all wrinked and stuck together. I took the first and last page and stuck them together before blowing the whole thing with the hairdryer on hot which puffed the thing up like it is now, and added a bit more crinkle to the pages. Yum. It feels lovely to touch. Apple


6 responses to “Apple

  1. How neat, never seen that before.

  2. crazycooldreamer

    wow, that’s really cool. Good job!

  3. Thank you, I really enjoyed making it, have a go.

  4. Really beautiful, wonderful piece of art.

  5. lilactreecreations

    that is too good !

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