Halloween 2009

Oooh pumpkin time. Not wanting to get too carried away this year, I just went out and bought one pumpkin. There is the best grocers just a couple of minutes from our house, run by this amazing Iranian man. He always has boxes and boxes of Medjool Dates and will always let you sneak a few while you’re walking around his shop. I bought the biggest, tallest and most incredible pumpkin ever. It had a long twisted stalk on top and weighed quite a bit, although I didn’t weigh it this year. Rather than carving an image right out of the pumpkin, I used my lino cutting tools to take the skin out in the pattern of a witch for Kitty.


So once I had finished with the witch, I thought it might be a good time to create my addition to the wonderful blog curated by Jonathan Edwards, Draw Serge. Draw Serge is a blog filled with contributions from artists and illustrators each creating an image of Serge Gainsbourg. I made mine in the other side of the pumpkin. Not sure my daughter or the other kids around on halloween actually got it, but it made me smile. And it was added to the hallowed walls of the Draw Serge blog!! http://drawserge.blogspot.com/



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