Travels in Mexico

I have been drawing small images for a long time, but as lovely as they are to draw, they never really turn into anything. Deciding that everything really should matter and be a part of something, I decided to print out these pages of little squares (well, almost squares) and started to fill them in. I was looking at houses in the desert in Mexico for a project I did in university about 3 years ago, and something about them stuck with me. After looking through the sketchbooks of the incredible talented and simple illustrations of Tom Gauld (see my links for his website) I decided to create these images. I didn’t get to fill a whole page but have posted them as individual images on my Flickr page, I can’t wait to get up in the morning and finish the page, I have so many more ideas. And a huge thank you of course to Tom for his inspirations. I have been following his work each week in the Guardian newspaper. Great stuff. The plan is to turn these into a little book for the upcoming artists book fair in Manchester.



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