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Gift tags


Today so far I have been mostly carving little stamps for little sets of printed gift tags. If you still haven’t tried making your own stamps it really is enjoyable and worth the time and effort. I use lino cutting tools for mine but you can use craft knives or anything that you can dig into a rubber with. When printing mostly I use permanent ink stamp pads, or for smaller stamps, coloured art markers.



Business cards

Ok so not the most interesting title for a blog post, but I have been tormenting myself for a long time about creating something a bit “different” to give to people when they ask for my card. I currently have 3 styles of cards, one quite illustrative, one a bit more design oriented, and the other just a bit of collaged fun. To be different I have made these little week planners. They basically fold up to be a little tiny card sized book and have my contact details quite small on the back, but big enough to be useful, and something to encourage people to doodle or write on them. Something a bit more fun and interesting than your standard card. Maybe I am investing too much time and energy into something that should be simple, but then thats just me.




Recently the BBC have shown their latest nature program. Gone are the usual style programs with Sir David Attenborough is his blue shirt and beige chinos, and welcome the exciting ‘real’ expeditions of excitable entomologists and explorers from all over the world. These top class wildlife film makers venturing deep into the heart of the remote tropical islands of New Guinea to explore a giant extinct volcano -Mount Bosavi has had myself and my family glued to the television. In episode 2 of 3 they were watching the antics of the rare birds of paradise and I was completely amazed by these incredibly beautiful birds. I have seen them portrayed in other wildlife programs but this one made me feel like I was actually there. I didn’t realise how many doodles I had drawn when watching this, which prompted me to create these illustrations. Only 4 so far, but the rest will be done in time and I will create a set of mini-books out of them.

Noodle day!

The zine is published!! At last, it feels like it took so long….no wait a sec….it DID take so long. But today it is going to the Artists Book Fair at the A Foundation in Liverpool and people will be able to buy it. I am so excited. Really hope that people enjoy it. It can be bought for the wonderful price of £12 and it comes in a lovely hand screen printed cotton bag. It will also be available from my Etsy shop before the end of the weekend.



I was asked to help put a personalised menu together this week for a good friend of mine. She is having a celebration dinner at a local seafood restaurant and I made some little fish to decorate her menu with. I came up with four little fish to chose from, two of them created with hand carved rubber stamps, and the other two were watercoloured. Both types used white acrylic ink over the top for detail. The final menu is being printed on heavy textured ivory card. Quite pleased to have finished another job. Even though it was a small I must admit the text of the menu wouldn’t have been my first choice, but sometimes when you are asked to do something, you have to please the client, even if they are a friend you don’t always have the final say. But It is a learning curve and learning I certainly am doing at the moment. I did carve the stamps for the title though ‘MENU’.


Cactus doodles

I do find that I get hung up on a theme or idea for a while, doing many things with it until I get bored and move on to something else. Well in the spirit of that, I am currently obsessed with drawing cactus plants. And even bought myself a pair to look at. Going to plant them in a big jar tomorrow as the little plastic pots they came in don’t really look up to much. I will post some more as I draw them, but this is the sheet I created. I made the pot from a rubber stamp, and then drew the cactus in pen.


Noodle Zine

Noodle Zine BagNoodle Zine was born in May 2009 after many weeks of deliberation and ideas. Originally planned to be my final degree project, it has taken on a life of it’s own selling more issues than I have (runs back to printers). Using a combination of hand made rubber stamps and hand drawn typography, Noodle tried to fill the gap in the editorial market for the 8-13 year old age group. Both for girls or boys, and indeed adults who need a break from celebrity gossip mags. Noodle is filled with things to do such as recipes, intructions for making your own zine, and much more. With puzzles and doodle pages, this black and white zine can be drawn on and coloured in to provide a bit of something for everyone.

The first issue came free with a tin of Noodle mints and a cotton shopper bag with the Noodle cover hand screen printed on the front, and a personalised original hand stitched and printed image on the back.