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Book stand


Oooh this was so much fun to make, just a different use for the many mini books I have been making lately. Demand has been really high at the craft fairs but people definitely want choices so I am making loads more, if they dont all sell then its more for xmas stockings.




Been readying things for Christmas, decided to make some little stickers to put on things, or to seal little packages of books and gifts for people.

Indian printed papers notebooks

I bought some packs of beautiful printed coloured papers from India. The texture of the papers is really delicious, and the colours are so vivid and lovely to work with. I just made some simple small notebooks with ivory paper inside. Each one a different cover. The covers are made from card not too thick, so the covers have some flexibility and the books are not too heavy.

Indian printed books

New bindings

I bought myself one of those staplers that can go through loads of pieces of paper at once the other day. I wanted to staple loads of papers together that I had lying around the place, just to keep them together really. But Then I came across this idea for a binding using one of these staplers. Anyway it seems to work as long as the spine is no thicker than the papers. It’s lovely that the front cover opens flat, would be nice to use for binding artwork or photographs together.


I am going away next week and really miss having all my different sketchbooks and papers at home, so I decided to make a sketchbook for my travels with all my favourite papers inside. Watercolour papers of various finishes and weights, bristol board, marker paper, normal everyday bits of white stuff and some odd velum types and a few odd things thrown in for good measure. All stitched together and then a hardback cover for sturdiness. I had this old necklace lying around made with green waxed thread so I used that for a fastening. Loads of fun really.


Noodle day!

The zine is published!! At last, it feels like it took so long….no wait a sec….it DID take so long. But today it is going to the Artists Book Fair at the A Foundation in Liverpool and people will be able to buy it. I am so excited. Really hope that people enjoy it. It can be bought for the wonderful price of £12 and it comes in a lovely hand screen printed cotton bag. It will also be available from my Etsy shop before the end of the weekend.


Noodle Zine

Noodle Zine BagNoodle Zine was born in May 2009 after many weeks of deliberation and ideas. Originally planned to be my final degree project, it has taken on a life of it’s own selling more issues than I have (runs back to printers). Using a combination of hand made rubber stamps and hand drawn typography, Noodle tried to fill the gap in the editorial market for the 8-13 year old age group. Both for girls or boys, and indeed adults who need a break from celebrity gossip mags. Noodle is filled with things to do such as recipes, intructions for making your own zine, and much more. With puzzles and doodle pages, this black and white zine can be drawn on and coloured in to provide a bit of something for everyone.

The first issue came free with a tin of Noodle mints and a cotton shopper bag with the Noodle cover hand screen printed on the front, and a personalised original hand stitched and printed image on the back.