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Been readying things for Christmas, decided to make some little stickers to put on things, or to seal little packages of books and gifts for people.



One place I have travelled to many times is Greece. The Greek Islands to be precise. The first time I went, was in 1987, the hottest summer in years, a massive heatwave with temperatures not dropping lower than 30 degrees even at night. Hundreds of people died across Greece and I was really ill with sunstroke and had blistered shoulders. But I remember that visit to Corfu, with the half sunk ships in Corfu Town harbour, and renting a boat and almost making it to Albania before being warned off back to Corfu. First encounter with snorkelling and fish <—-THIS—-> big. A few trips to Kefalos Harbour in Kos, a trip to Kefalonia and many trips to Skiathos Island, Skopelos, Alonisos, Tsougria and Arcos Island, and I have collected many images both on my camera and in my memory of the most beautiful back streets and old buildings I have ever seen.