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Flag alphabet

My step-brother has just returned from a 3 week walking holiday in Nepal and very kindly brought back some prayer flags and a fantastic woolly hat for my daughter. I really love anything flag like, especially all the wonderful hand made bunting that you can find on Etsy these days. I really must make some out of all the bits of material I have hanging around the place. So with these in mind, I made a flag alphabet. Just got some scraps of nice paper from my paper jar (a tall jar that I throw all the small pieces of unused scrap paper in that is small enough to get past the jar opening without folding), and drew some letters in different styles. Quite fun really, I will scan them all in and print out some sets of them to sell at the fairs I am doing in December. I think they look quite sweet.

flag alphabet

flag alphabet



I was asked to help put a personalised menu together this week for a good friend of mine. She is having a celebration dinner at a local seafood restaurant and I made some little fish to decorate her menu with. I came up with four little fish to chose from, two of them created with hand carved rubber stamps, and the other two were watercoloured. Both types used white acrylic ink over the top for detail. The final menu is being printed on heavy textured ivory card. Quite pleased to have finished another job. Even though it was a small one.fish I must admit the text of the menu wouldn’t have been my first choice, but sometimes when you are asked to do something, you have to please the client, even if they are a friend you don’t always have the final say. But It is a learning curve and learning I certainly am doing at the moment. I did carve the stamps for the title though ‘MENU’.


Things to do

These are a series of printed tiles that i created using sublimation printing on ceramic tiles. The original idea came from the endless ‘things to do’ lists that I am always doodling. When I know I have things to do, I write them all down so that I don’t forget. Taking some of the images, and putting them onto these tiles creates a nice set. Hopefully these will be available on my Etsy shop soon. The individual illustrations can be seen in more detail on my Flickr page.


Noodle Zine

Noodle Zine BagNoodle Zine was born in May 2009 after many weeks of deliberation and ideas. Originally planned to be my final degree project, it has taken on a life of it’s own selling more issues than I have (runs back to printers). Using a combination of hand made rubber stamps and hand drawn typography, Noodle tried to fill the gap in the editorial market for the 8-13 year old age group. Both for girls or boys, and indeed adults who need a break from celebrity gossip mags. Noodle is filled with things to do such as recipes, intructions for making your own zine, and much more. With puzzles and doodle pages, this black and white zine can be drawn on and coloured in to provide a bit of something for everyone.

The first issue came free with a tin of Noodle mints and a cotton shopper bag with the Noodle cover hand screen printed on the front, and a personalised original hand stitched and printed image on the back.